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Harry Potter Death Pool!

Someone's supposed to die in this book.


Me, I'm hoping it's Draco. I can hear the fangirls wailing now! (sighs in satisfaction)
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My bet's on Hagrid. Second runner up is Dumbledore who I expect to croak at some point but I feel now is too soon.

But if Draco dies, we will hear the scream of a thousand fans worldwide. I will be deaf from them!
Because I'm a t00b who read the last chapter first.
Okay, so we were both wrong. Now what?
I just went *squee* out loud.

I made this icon last week. I'm trying to make quasi regular predictions on my journal and this one was the first.

This looks like fun! No sailing. Wheeeee! I love to babble about HP.

I was half kidding when I made the icon.

But - I do think there is a good chance he'll die - Perhaps not in Book 6, but maybe early on in Seven.

His death on the side of dark would have an major impact on Harry and Dumbledore's Army, I think. Despite being a real jack-booted git, Draco was still human - Not just a nameless, faceless Death Eater in a mask. The people that they are fighting are real human beings and it's important that they remember that lest they become the monsters that they fight against.

Something else that I think the fandom tends to forget is that Draco isn't really Harry's opposite - He never was. Voldemort is and always has been. We've only been waiting for Harry to catch up to him in ability. Draco was never meant to be an equal to Harry in any way.

At this point Harry has all but forgotten Draco. He barely gives Draco a second glance now. Draco is merely an annoyance to be swatted to the side when he gets in the way. Harry doesn't even bother to be the one to defeat him anymore. He leaves that up to others now. Ginny, other members of the DA. He's defeated Draco's father on more than one occasion.

I consider Ron more of a match to Draco and his small band of bullies as a nemisis than Harry, really. Sort of a defence to the Weasley name.

Is there a chance that Ron will do battle with Malfoy and goons in the end? I tend to think so. What do you think?
Good job on your predictions, there, moron!