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Hey, is this thing on?

I guess it is. Whoo!

This community is a direct result of the recent gryffindortower mess about supposed sock-puppets backing a racist LJ person who may or may not actually exist. Reading the posts about this latest gem of HP fandom wankishness made my brain leak out my ears and try to hitchhike to Canada.

So, this community, where touting One True Pairings is verboten. Let's talk about the books. Let's talk about the movies. Let's talk about the near-complete lack of accurate parallels to the real world in the books. Let's deny we're going to the HP party at the local Borders.

Just, please. No. Ships. Ever!

Yours Truly, The Management.
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I think we're all alone on this one. It's kinda funny that you and I are the only ones who seem to be not terribly gung ho about the ships. Somehow, this does not surprise me.